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My Holiday and More

holiday-travelMy Holiday and more is a programme where holiday and vacation experiences are shared on Pace City Radio every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It will feature an interactive segment which includes call-in, text messages and more. Experiences will include destination attractions visited, why and what informed the choice of destination and of course any outstanding or noteworthy encounters.

Every Every

every-everyEvery Every is an everyday programme on Pace City Radio that has been put together to deal with very interesting, informative and no doubts entertaining topics relating to every aspect of life where interviews with people from different walks of life including young entrepreneurs, upcoming and already made acts. Of course we will also talk about the life and times of individuals/legends both living and otherwise. Because you never know what is coming your way, one would strongly admonish that you keep a date with us every Monday to Friday weekdays on Pace City radio.

Face the Music

FaceTheMusicThis is a 30-minute radio show that explores the lives, lifestyles, careers and worldviews of musical artists in Nigeria and beyond who have something beautiful, meaningful and profound to say – all through the lyrics of selected songs.

Forever Yours with Nikky

FYWN is a 30-minute radio show which explores the intricacies of love, intimacy, romance and relationships (including marriage) with a mixture of humour, information and music. It is presented in an upbeat manner by a young, vivavious female youth icon with a bedside manner.


A radio soccer show with a difference, Shootout goes beyond the dry facts and statistics in the world of football; it delves into the lives, lifestyles and idiosyncrasies of the most colorful personalities and institutions who have helped to make the world’s most beautiful game the socio-cultural and commercial juggernaut that it is today.

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