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The emergence of Pace City Radio is motivated by the need for quality programming on radio, quality which satisfies the desire of our diverse audience segments for the best of edutainment – in the form of highly enlightening features, tidbits and discussions about issues and trends of purely human interest, as well as exciting music spanning the full spectrum of periods, socio-cultural backgrounds and genres, with emphasis on the music of yesteryear; the so-called golden oldies.

Pace City Radio promises an amazing listening experience for members of the upwardly mobile generation who have come to appreciate, and yearn to savor, the purest essence of radio.

It is radio on the go, for the people who are going places.


Pace City is an online platform which allows subscribers to share their interests, ideas and insights on the events, issues and trends that matter to them. It offers a forum for networking and the opportunity to build one’s social and professional connections.

As the saying goes, a stranger is a friend you don’t know yet. Pace City is the ground where strangers discover their common passion-points, the kind that serve as the building-blocks of successful and lasting relationships – business and romantic alike.

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